My First Foray Into Machine Learning

Like most tech companies these days, Red Hat is encouraging everyone to brush up on their AI knowledge. For my part I have been doing a number of online training courses lately and thought I would write up my experience for posterity.

Keepalived Log Parser for OpenShift On-Prem

Just a quick announcement of a tool I wrote recently to help with debugging of Keepalived behavior in an OpenShift On-Prem IPI cluster. This is specifically intended to handle the logs from the keepalived pods running in the openshift-[platform]-infra namespace, although with a little work it could probably be generalized to work with most any Keepalived configuration.

Debugging a Segfault in oslo.privsep

I recently helped track down a bug exposed by a recent oslo.privsep release that added threading to allow parallel privileged calls. It was a segfault happening in the privsep daemon that was caused by a C call in a privileged Neutron module. This, as you might expect, was a little tricky to debug so I thought I'd document the process for posterity.

Creating OpenStack Client Instances in Python

So you're writing a Python application and you want to talk to an OpenStack service. Or maybe even multiple services. A quick Google turns up something like python-novaclient, which provides a way to create an instance of a Nova client in Python. Great! We're done here, right? Not so fast, my friend.

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