This site used to be a way for me to dogfood Red Hat's OpenShift Online service, but it seems Drupal support was dropped in the v3 version of that so it's back to being hosted on a private VPS. It still does serve as a place for me to write about OpenStack and anything else I feel like discussing.

As for me, I am Ben Nemec, a software engineer with Red Hat working on the aforementioned OpenStack project, and a TripleO and Oslo core. I occasionally have thoughts, and sometimes it would be nice to have a place to share those thoughts with the internet at large. This is that place.

You can contact me directly in #tripleo or #openstack-oslo on Freenode (I'm bnemec, or beekneemech on casual nick Friday ;-), and I try to keep up with TripleO and Oslo tagged posts to the openstack-discuss mailing list. If you look really hard you can probably find one of my email addresses too.