Yet Another Solution to "/dev/root does not exist" when PXE Booting Fedora 20

Back when I first started working out of my house I set up a PXE boot server to make it easer to install Fedora on new boxes. That worked well for a while, but at some point I ran into some issues where the PXE boots would fail right after the boot message "Reached target Basic System". It would hang at that step for a while, then after a few minutes Dracut would report a couple of warnings, most interesting of which was "Warning: /dev/root does not exist".

Debugging Early Dracut Problems

I've recently been trying to enable the Dracut deploy ramdisks I posted about earlier for RHEL7. I've been running into some issues that weren't present on the other platforms I've tested so far, and because of that I want to ask for some help from some Dracut experts. Unfortunately, the problem I'm having occurs so early in the Dracut boot process that it hasn't started any device management yet, so attaching a disk to collect logs doesn't work immediately.


Using Dracut to Build Deployment Ramdisks

For TripleO I was tasked with enabling our deployment ramdisks to be built with Dracut. There are a couple of reasons we want to do this.

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