Fix for Ignored Mouse Clicks at Left Edge of Screen in KDE

This has been driving me nuts for years. The problem is that when I move the mouse to the far left edge of the screen, my mouse clicks are ignored. I can't right click to bring up the context menu, I can't use the scroll wheel to switch virtual desktops. The latter is my particular pet peeve because I always leave a gap at the left edge of the screen, and when I want to change desktop I just move the mouse over there and scroll.


Fixing Konqueror SFTP to HTML Pages

I recently did a system update and a few things quit working. One of them was viewing HTML pages over SFTP. I do this on a fairly regular basis because I have a separate development system where I do a lot of coding work. Part of this is looking at coverage reports that are output in HTML format. It's extremely handy to be able to just fire up Konqueror and view those files directly from the other system. Here's how I fixed it:

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