OpenStack Virtual Baremetal Imported to OpenStack Infra

As foretold in a previous post, OVB has been imported to OpenStack Infra. The repo can now be found at All future development will happen there so you should update any existing references you may have. In addition, changes will now be proposed via Gerrit instead of Github pull requests. \o/

For the moment, the core reviewer list is largely limited to the same people who had commit access to the Github repo. The TripleO PTL and one other have been added, but that will likely continue to change over time. The full list can be found here.

Because of the still-limited core list, not much about the approval process will change as a result of this import. I will continue to review and single-approve patches just like I did on Github. However, there are plans in the works to add CI gating to the repo (another benefit of the import) and once that has happened we will most likely open up the core reviewer list to a wider group.

Questions and comments via the usual channels.