OpenStack Virtual Baremetal Import Plans

There is some work underway to import the OVB repo from Github into the OpenStack Gerrit instance. This will allow us to more easily set up gate jobs so proposed changes can be tested automatically instead of the current "system" which involves me pulling down changes and running the test script against them. It will have some implications for users of OVB in the near future, so this is a summary of the plans and actions that need to be taken.

The first thing to be aware of that has already happened is the stable/1.0 branch has been created. Existing users who are not ready to start consuming 2.0 should start using the stable/1.0 branch as soon as possible. It is currently identical to the master branch so it should be as simple as checking out the new branch instead of master.

The reason the stable/1.0 branch is important is that prior to importing to Gerrit we need to merge the 2.0-dev branch to master. The reason is that feature branches aren't common in OpenStack and they create more work for the Gerrit admins since regular users can't manage branches. To avoid that, we're planning to get all of the branches in shape before importing them. In the interest of better matching the standard OpenStack branch layout we will just be importing stable/1.0 and master (which will be 2.0 by that time). I don't have a definite timeframe on when this will all happen, but expect it to be sooner rather than later.

Finally, once the import has happened (check the status on the project-config review), all future development will be happening on instead of, so users of OVB will need to update their repo location. That's a less immediate concern as the prior steps need to happen first, and the Github repo won't be immediately disappearing. However, it also won't be receiving updates so you can expect it to bitrot over time.

I think that covers everything. As always, if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.