TripleO Network Isolation Template Generator Update

Just a quick update on the TripleO Network Isolation Template Generator. A few new features have been added recently that may be of interest.

The first, and most broadly applicable, is that the tool can now generate either old-style os-apply-config based templates, or new-style tripleo-heat-templates native templates. The latter are an improvement because they allow for much better error handling, and if bugs are found it is much easier to fix them. If your deployment is using Ocata or newer TripleO then you'll want to use the version 2 templates. If you need to support older releases, select version 1.

In addition support for some additional object types has been added. In particularl, the tool can now generate templates for OVS DPDK deployments. I don't have any way to test these templates, unfortunately, so the output is solely based on the examples in the os-net-config repo. Hopefully those are accurate. :-)

If you do try any of the new (or old) features of the tool and have feedback don't hesitate to let me know. To my knowledge I'm still the primary user of the tool so it would be nice to know what, if anything, other people are doing with it.