Openstack Virtual Baremetal 2.0 Update

As mentioned in a previous update, OVB 2.0 is coming. This update to is to notify everyone that a development branch is available in the repo and discuss some of the changes made so far.

First, here's the the 2.0-dev branch. It currently contains most, if not all, of the 2.0 changes that I have planned, so it can be used for testing. Please do test it if you depend on OVB for anything. I believe the migration should be fairly painless if you've been keeping up with the recommended deployment methods, but if you do find any problems let me know as soon as possible.

Here's a general overview of the changes for OVB 2.0:

  • Routed networks. 2.0 is based on the routed-networks branch so it supports all of the functionality added as part of that work.
  • Using the parameters section of a Heat environment is no longer supported. Everything must be in parameter_defaults now.
  • port-security is used by default. This requires at minimum a Mitaka OpenStack cloud, although most of my testing has been Newton or higher. Symlinks have been left for the old port-security environments to ease migration. This also means it is no longer recommended to use the Neutron noop firewall driver.
  • Most, if not all, deprecated features and options have been removed.
  • The BMC now signals back to Heat whether it has succeeded or failed to bring up the BMC services. This should allow failures to be caught much earlier in the deploy process.
  • The BMC install script now uses only OpenStackClient, rather than the service-specific clients. Note that this requires an updated BMC image. Existing BMC images can still be used, but they will have to install the openstackclient package. It is recommended that you pull down the new image so no external resources are needed for BMC deployment. Note that the new BMC image is now the default one for download, but if you need the old one for some reason it is still available too.
  • Some (mostly internal) interfaces have changed. As a result, if you have custom environments or templates it is possible that they will need updating for use with 2.0. If you're only using the default templates and environments shipped with OVB they should continue to work.

EDIT I forgot one other thing. There's an RFE for making the BMC installation more robust that isn't yet in 2.0. I have a GitHub issue open to track it. It doesn't involve any breaking changes though so it doesn't have to block 2.0 from going live (in fact, it could be done in 1.0 too). /EDIT

I think that covers the highlights. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes don't hesitate to contact me, either through the GitHub repo or #tripleo on Freenode. Thanks.