Corporate Google Calendar in Thunderbird Revisited

In a previous post I discussed my trials and tribulations integrating Google Calendar with Thunderbird. Unfortunately the Lightning plugin doesn't work with my corporate calendar, so I had to find another solution. Sadly, after my latest Thunderbird update the alternate plugin I was using no longer works.

Fortunately, there is another plugin that still does. It also provides a number of other Google apps in Thunderbird tabs if you have a need for that. Even better, it worked perfectly out of the box. I installed the plugin, customized my toolbar to add a Calendar button, clicked the button, logged in to my corporate calendar, and everything was just as it had been before. Excellent!

I know a few people had used my previous blog post to set up their corporate calendars in Thunderbird, so hopefully this updated method will work for them too. Let me know if you have any comments or questions.